In this section we describe how you can create and edit video creatives to use in your campaigns.

Follow these steps to add video Creatives on Bucksense:

  1. Select Video on the Creatives Tab
  2. Click on buttonto add a video
  3. Select one of the following video ad campaign types: VAST Tag URL, VAST xml, Video Upload (see details for each below) and click on Next.2


Vast Tag URLs allow you to enter an URL that points to your VAST xml.
To set up your Vast Tag URL take the following steps:

  1. Select an advertiser (must be associated to the offer/campaign you want to run)
  2. Enter a Creative Name
  3. Set HTTPS Secure to ON if you are using a HTTPS protocol
  4. Enter the VAST Tag Url to upload your video and click the load button1

At the bottom of the page you can see the information on available ad sizes, duration and skip that has been provided by your VAST.
You can see the preview and the thumbnails of your video on the right.
Click on 4 to save your video ads.2



By selecting VAST XML you can upload the code containing your video:

  1. Just like you did for VAST Tag Urls, select an advertiser (must be associated to the offer/campaign you want to run)
  2. Enter a Creative Name
  3. Set HTTPS Secure to ON if you are using an HTTPS protocol
  4. Past your VAST XML in the appropriate field to upload the video and click on Load button3

Click on 4to save.4

Video Upload

If you don’t have your own ad server, you can upload your video ads to the Bucksense console and we will serve it for you.
This section shows you how to upload videos and Companion Ads.
After selecting the applicable Advertiser and entering a Creative Name, you can upload your video(s) by clicking the 7button or by dragging the file(s) directly into the appropriate field, and, Bucksense will automatically generate the following video sizes: 1280×720, 854×480, 426×240, 640×360, 300×250, in both formats: MP4 and WEBM.

Available uploading formats are: MP4 (recommended), AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG, MOV.

The maximum length allowed is 120 seconds.
The maximum weight recommended is 5Mb.

You can set the number of minutes and/or seconds the user has to wait before skipping the video, by using the Skip Offset functionality.
Click on 4to save it.5
Once saved, you can access the details (detected sizes, duration and skip) about the videos uploaded/generated.


Companion ads are static end cards which are displayed to the user at the end of a video ad.The goal of companion ads is to increase offer visibility via the experience given by the video content and to easily connect the user with the advertiser.
Please note that companions are mandatory for rewarded video campaigns.

Follow these steps to upload companion ads to your video campaigns:

  1. Click on ‘Click here to add a companion’7
  2. Upload your creatives by clicking 8 or by dragging them directly into the appropriate field. Available formats are: JPEG, GIF or PNG.
    You can check the available sizes by clicking on the 9 button.
    Once uploaded, select the companion(s) you want add to your video and click on the ‘Save’ button. (Please note that you can’t select multiple companions of the same size).
    Bucksense suggests uploading both a landscape and a portrait version for each companion to make sure that the creatives will be displayed properly on all devices.10
    Once saved, you will see the Companion(s) you have added for that video.11


If you want track video events and receive notifications on your own tracking urls, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Add Event’ button
  2. Select the event type you want to track and paste your tracking url in the appropriate field.
    Available events are: Start, First Quartile, Midpoint, Third Quartile, Complete, Mute, Unmute, Pause, Rewind, Resume, Skip, Progress.12
    You can also add additional macros to your tracking url to get more info (see here).



You can always access the videos you have created under Video Creatives on the Campaign Tab. In the Type column you can see the video type. Use the Actions column to remove the video if you want to delete it.9

See here how to create Video Campaigns