The following Policies describe Bucksense’s ad-quality standards, in order to provide guidance on the appropriateness of the content and behaviour of ads delivered through our DSP.
Since different supply partners have different policies, Bucksense has a centralized set of rules that are incorporated into our system to ensure that users have a positive user experience with creatives.
We reserve the right to change or modify any portion of these Policies at any time without notice.
Make sure that your ad units and landing pages do not contain any of the following prohibited categories and contact our ad quality team at before submitting any restricted content.

Prohibited Categories:

  • Ad fraud
    Creative associated with any activity designed to sell advertising under fraudulent pretenses, including but not limited to non-human traffic, tag hijacking, hidden ads, domain spoofing, cookie stuffing, generating fake impressions or clicks, reselling of ads under false pretenses, etc.
  • Adult sexual, mature or suggestive content
    Creative that depicts, contains or provides access to pornography, nudity, obscenity, and other adult or risqué material.


  • Auto-downloads
    Creative that contains, or provides access to any files that execute or download software without intentional user interaction. Clicking on an ad must also not initiate a download of any type of file.
  • Copyright infringement
    The promotion of products or services that distribute or facilitate access to materials that infringe the copyright of others globally is prohibited.


  • Counterfeit goods
    Counterfeit goods contain a company or business name, logo, or other mark that is identical to, or substantially indistinguishable from, the registered trademark of another. Counterfeit goods attempt to deceive consumers into believing the counterfeit is a genuine product of the brand owner, or to represent themselves as faux, replicas or imitations of the genuine product.
  • Delayed Load
    Creative consistently taking more than two seconds to initiate the user ad experience.
  • Endangered species products
    The sale or promotion of products obtained or made from endangered, threatened or protected species, as well as the sale of such species, is prohibited globally on Bucksense.
  • Extreme graphic, explicit violence
    Creative that depicts, contains, or provides access to violent content or content that glorifies human suffering, death, self-harm, violence against animals, or contains graphic or violent images.


  • Generic download banners 
    Overly generic download banners without information about the product or service promoted. 


  • Government Forms or Services
    Creative that depicts, contains, or provides access to offers that charge for government forms or services that are available for a lesser charge or free from the government.
  • Hunting and shooting content
  • Incentivized clicks and downloads
  • Illegal drugs
    Creative featuring or promoting the sale of illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, or drug paraphernalia. As marijuana remains illegal under United States federal law, this Creative Policy prohibits creative featuring or promoting the sale of marijuana even in those states where marijuana use is permitted under state law.
  • Illegal products and services
    All advertising, as well as the products and services being advertised, must clearly comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Products with questionable legality and compliance will be reviewed conservatively.
  • Illegal substances or activities
  • Incest/Abuse support

  • Infertility, Men’s Health, Sexuality, Women’s Health, Non-Standard Content
  • Interferes with User Navigation
    Creative that disrupts the user’s ability to navigate their experience, e.g., by preventing a user from leaving a page by opening modal dialogs or pop-up windows.

  • Misleading or deceptive claims
    Creative that attempts to trick or deceive a user into taking some action (e.g., “click bait” Creative, Creative that mimics user interface elements, Creative that displays fake errors or warnings, such as warnings about viruses, missing codecs, or corrupt disks, etc.) or markets false or unrealistic promises such as extreme weight loss, anti-aging, etc.
    Accurate and clear content: Creatives should be of high editorial quality. Those which are gimmicky, misleading, or of low editorial quality are prohibited.
  • P2P file-sharing apps, torrent or any apps that facilitate or promote copyright infringement
    Bucksense prohibits the promotion of products or services that distribute or facilitate access to materials that infringe the copyright of others globally.



  • Products or services claiming to predict the future: Clairvoyance and Occult Sciences
    Imagery, texts and links that point to sites that promote Hypnosis, clairvoyance, healing, fortune-telling, mediums, fortunetellers, card readers services promotion.
    Horoscope services are allowed.
  • Profane content (vulgar language)
    Display Ads that contain texts or links to sites that use excessive inappropriate, profane or strong language (e.g.: “fuck”, “shit”, etc.)


  • Religious and spiritually content
    Content or material pertaining to particular religions or spirituality, or advocating the superiority of a specific race/ethnic group, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, language, status as a veteran, or any other legally protected status.
  • Sensitive, discriminatory, offensive language, profane, defamatory content or hate speech
    Creative that depicts, contains, or provides access to content that incites violence or prejudicial action towards a protected individual or group; or content that disparages or intimidates an individual or group.
    Creatives should not depict, contain, or provide access to material that is damaging to the reputation of another.
    Do not include language in creatives that could offend or shock users.
  • Spyware, Malware and illegal hacking
    The sale or promotion of spyware or illegal hacking is prohibited globally on Bucksense.
    Creative that contains, installs, links to, or prompts the download of any malware, Trojan horse, virus, or any other malicious code.


  • Substance abuse 
  • Tobacco and tobacco accessories
    Bucksense prohibits the promotion of tobacco brands and the online and offline sale of tobacco and tobacco accessories globally.
  • Traffic generation and fraudulent traffic 
  • Unauthorized ticket sales
    Images, texts or links related to sites that promote sales of ticket without authorization or counterfeit tickets


  • Uncategorized content 
  • Unclear content and overly generic promotions/banners
    Promotions that do not name the product, service, or entity they are promoting.

  • Under costruction
    Display Ads that link to sites under construction. 



  • Weapons and weapons accessories
    Creative that features the sale of, or instructions to create, bombs, guns, firearms, ammunition or other weapons.



Restricted Categories:

  • Alcohol content
    Ads that promote alcoholic beverages are restricted by region and may only be targeted to users that (i) reside in a jurisdiction where alcohol advertising is permitted, and (ii) are of the legal age to purchase alcohol within that jurisdiction. Alcohol-related Ads must not be designed, or appear to be designed, to appeal to underage purchasers.
  • Chat/ video chat, instant messaging/ live streaming that can be related to sexual content
  • Cryptocurrency
    Cryptocurrency is not allowed, with the exception of editorial content from premium publisher sites
    However, selected countries may decide to run cryptocurrency offers that they deem are valid in their country only.
  • Financial services
  • Gambling
    Gambling Ads may be targeted to users in jurisdictions where such ads are not prohibited so long as you comply with the following requirements: You and, if you are an advertising agency, the end advertiser present all required licenses, permits, registrations, waivers, consents or other governmental approvals to operate in the jurisdictions in which the gambling ad is served and in any other jurisdictions in which you and the advertiser operate. You and, if you are an advertising agency, the end advertiser are in compliance with and agree to remain in compliance with all applicable laws and the terms of all applicable licenses.
  • Health and pharmaceutical products and services, including prescription medications
    Imagery, texts and links that point to sites that promote: pharmacies or pharmaceutical products, not objective health claims about the cure of diseases, health supplements that contain anabolic steroids or advertising using references to steroids, medical and cosmetic services (cosmetic surgery). It is allowed to promote: prescription glasses and sunglasses, hospitals, medical and dental practices, and STI/STD clinics.
  • Incentivized cliks and downloads
    Imagery, texts or links to sites that sponsor “incentivized clicks or downloads,” “pay-to-surf” programs or “pay per search” programs. Also ads that automatically redirect the user or initiate a download without user’s interaction (e.g.: click).
  • Local illegal products/contents
    Imagery, texts or links to sites that promote products or services that are illegal according to the applicable local laws and regulations. For example, in Chile the advertising of Fast Food Restaurants is forbidden.
  • Mobile subscription switch
    Imagery, texts and links point to sites that solicits a subscriber of a mobile service provider to switch to another mobile service provider.
  • Online Dating Services
    Imagery, texts or links to sites that promote dating or marriage consulting services that do not include explicit adult content such as: heterosexual, homosexual dating services, and special-interest dating for animal lovers, special needs persons, religious match, etc.
  • Outdated News content
    Imagery, texts or links that promote news older than 3 months that are not longer relevant.
  • Overcharged fees for government forms and services
    Imagery, texts and links that point to sites that offer government forms or services that are available for a lesser charge or free from the government.
  • Political ads
    Ads that point to sites that refer to candidates for political office, political parties or entities or individuals seeking to influence the outcome of an election. It is allowed to advertise: news, information or institutions, including government institutions, that are not seeking to influence the outcome of an election.
  • Proxy sites
    Display ads that link to proxy sites that allow users to surf in private mode.
  • Unmoderated user generated content
    Display Ads that link to sites that do not have a clear set of posted guidelines on what type of content is acceptable and do not take an active position in reviewing content for compliance with posted guidelines, so users can post any content without clear restrictions.
  • WhatsApp offers
    WhatsApp Download offers and the use of imagery and texts related to WhatsApp Brand, including elements such as: smileys, keyboards, wallpapers, etc.