An API (Application Programming Interface) is an open interface that libraries, software or platforms can use to interact with a program and expand its functionality.

The Bucksense platform was built with an open API. This lets you tailor the platform to your needs by integrating select features to complement existing ones (eg. extracting report, setting micro bidding rules etc).

If you’re an agency or a developer we can provide you with our API so that you can extend its functions, meet your customers needs, reduce times and costs and help your business grow.


The Bucksense open API allows for the seamless integration and customization of specific platform features, such as:

  • Authentication: the API to authenticate an user
  • Offer: the API which returns the list of events related with the offer
  • Campaign Management: the API that returns information about the campaign such as: creation, start,stop etc
  • Reporting: the API which returns the campaign performance data (with reports you can use filters, dimensions and metrics to analyze data in a more specific way)

The Bucksense API Documentation can be found at the following URL: :