How to run a Web Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting is a highly effective form of online advertising that brings website visitors, who didn’t convert, back to your site by showing them personalized retargeting ads.

The following post explains the basics of how web retargeting campaigns work:

Retargeting campaigns can be set up directly from the Bucksense console.

Before setting up your campaign, you will need to create a Site Audience, associated to a specific advertiser, and place a Javascript Code in your website page(s). See here for further details on how to create audiences in Bucksense console. The javascript code will create a list of the website’s visitors by sending them anonymous browser cookies. The generated list will allow Bucksense to place retargeting ads to your potential customers when they visit other websites.

Once you have set up your site audience and placed the javascript code on your website, the following steps can be taken to create your web retargeting campaign:

  1. Create an Offer for your site audience and advertiser. See here in detail how to create an offer.
  2. Add a new campaign by selecting the offer (previously created) that it belongs to. Choose the campaign type: Banner, Native, Video, Ad Tag or Pop Under, and select your basic and advanced campaign settings (click here to see how)
  3. Access the Custom Targeting settings and select Device, Placement & Audience Targeting section
  4. Select Site Audience as List Type. All the lists you have created for your advertiser will appear below Lists in Site Audience (in the sample below there is one list: site audience 1).
  5. Include your list by clicking on  icon. You will see the list you have just included below Selected Lists. Click on Save all and activate to submit your campaign