A key fundamental to any successful retargeting campaign is ensuring that you retarget the right users. Know who to target and what to target them with is the key fundamental to any successful retargeting

Bucksense allows you to easily create Audiences:

  • for APP users: based on their in-app behaviour
  • for WEB users: based on their browsing behaviour

You will have to assign the audience to an advertiser, if you didn’t create the advertiser yet, go to advertiser management (see here).
This article explains how to create an audience for both: APP and Web users

Through the audiences, you then will be able to create effective Retargeting Campaigns.

How to create a Site Audience

Follow these steps to create a Site Audience:

  1. Click Data tab and select First Party audiences from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on to add a new Audience.
    Add a Name for your Audience, select Site from the Type drop down menu and add a brief description (optional).
    Time To Live: is the time interval that users will remain in the audience. For example, if you select 4 weeks as the TTL, users will remain in the audience for 4 weeks after they perform the audience action
    Select the audiences Advertiser and click on Save.
  4. Once you select the advertiser, click on Add Site, enter a name and a domain and then click on Add button.

    This will generate a Javascript Code for the site.
    The Javascript Code  will look like similar to this:
    <script type=’text/javascript’>
    bks_cid = ‘4’;
    bks_sid =’e59ddfc0c5d964m’;
    bks_pid = ”;
    bks_audience = ‘k59ddfafe66d3fr’;
    bks_url = window.location;
    (function () {
    var _onload = function(){
    if (document.readyState && !/loaded|complete/.test(document.readyState)){setTimeout(_onload, 10);return}
    if (!window.__bucksense_loaded){__bucksense_loaded=true;setTimeout(_onload, 50);return}
    var scr = document.createElement(‘script’);
    var host = ((‘https:’ == document.location.protocol) ? ‘https://retargeting.bksn.se/webr’ : ‘http://retargeting.bksn.se/webr’);
    scr.setAttribute(‘async’, ‘true’);
    scr.type = ‘text/javascript’;
    scr.src = host + ‘/webr?site_id=’+bks_sid+’&product_id=’+bks_pid+’&url=’+bks_url+’&audience=’+bks_audience;
    scr.id = ‘bksretarget’;
    if (window.addEventListener) {window.addEventListener(‘load’, _onload, false);
    } else {
    window.attachEvent(‘onload’, _onload)
  5. Copy the Javascript Code (to do this you can also use the  button ) and place it on your website:
    – the code is unnoticeable to your site visitors
    – it won’t affect your site’s performance
    How does the code work?
    Every time a new visitor comes to your site, the code:
    – drops an anonymous browser cookie
    – creates a list of users who have visited your site.
    The cookie will allow you to serve ads to cookied visitors when they browse the web, ensuring that your ads are served only to people who have previously visited your site.

If you want to add additional sites to your audience, click on ‘Add Site’ again and repeat the process.

Once the audience is created, please contact your account manager.

How to create an App Audience

Before creating an app audience you will need to set up the apps details in the Bucksense console (see here). Additionally, you will also need to integrate the Bucksense SDK , which allows you to track all default and custom events within your app.
Once you have set up your app details and added the SDK, take the following steps below to create an App Audience:

  1. Click on the Offer & Apps tab and select App/Site Audience from the dropdown menu
  2. Click on the icon  to add a new Audience
  3. Choose a Name for your audience, select APP from the Type drop down menu, and add a brief description (optional).
    Choose a Time To Live: this is the time duration that users who perform the in-app event(s) for which you want create an audience, will be dynamically listed in your audience.
    Select the Advertiser to which the App belongs to.
    Choose the App Name and related Event that you want associate with this audience from the dropdown menu.
    Then choose the time to live for this event and click on  
    If you want to add more events in your audience, click on Add row button and repeat the process
    Click on Save button to save your App Audience.
    Once the audience is created, please contact your account manager.

See here how to view Audience Reports and Charts