A key fundamental to any successful campaign is ensuring that you target the right users.
Today more than ever, advertisers demand that their digital campaigns increase conversions while protecting their brand.
At the same time, agencies strive for programmatic technologies that help them deliver those client requested KPIs within budget and under a seamless and efficient internal operation.
Know who to target and what to target them with is the key fundamental to any effective ADV campaign, for this reason Bucksense provides all the best tools to find and reach the perfect audience.
Advertisers and agencies can more easily meet their goals directly on Bucksense console, under a single roof by having access to the most reliable data and audience segments, provided by Lotame.

How to create a Third party Audience

  1. Click Data tab and select from the drop down menu Third party audiences

  2. Click on  to add an audience
  3. Click on Check Lotame button
  4. Choose how to create your Audience between Simplified or Advanced
    this option allows you to build an audience using simple and plain relationships between the top segments.
    Advanced: choose this option to create complicated AND/OR relationships and conditions between all segments


Add a Name to your Audience, choose the Advertiser and select a Country

The Audience Name column shows you all the available categories, Inventory Extimations and Price provide you informations about the potential inventory of that category and the related CPM Price to be added to the standard campaign CPM.
Select the Audiences for which you want to target your campaign or use the search field to quickly look for a specific Audience Name.

Each selected category will be added by default as an alternative condition or, this means that your Audience needs at least one condition to be valid.
You can check the selected Audiences, the Query Generated by your conditions and the CPM Data Cost at the bottom of the page.
Please note that the price applied to your campaign CPM will be the highest among the Audience Prices you have added, regardless how many Audiences you select.
(Example. you have selected Italy Gender Male 0,25$, Television 0,75$ and Entertainment 0,75$. The price applied to your campaign CPM will be 0,75$).

If you want add an AND condition (all the conditions must be valid) to your Audience, you just need to drag an Audience Name from the left and move it in the AND field on the right.

Click on Save button to create your Audience.


Add a Name to your Audience and choose the Advertiser

Click on Add Condition and select the main Audience Segment from the drop down menu, then, based on the condition you have selected, you’ll need to select a specific Audience.

Click on the Add Condition button to add further conditions, then choose if these must be combined (AND) or alternatives (OR).
You can check at any time the query generated by your conditions in the appropriate field at the bottom.
Please note that the price applied to your campaign CPM will be the highest among the Audience Prices you have added, regardless how many Audiences you select.

If you want to group a set of conditions, click on Add Group then add the condition(s) you want include, and choose if these conditions must be combined (AND) or alternative (OR).

Click again on Add Group to add a new group and choose the rule between AND/OR.
Bucksense console also allows you to add one or more conditions to your Group(s), you just need to click on Add Condition or Add Group.

Click on Save button to create your Audience

How to associate an Audience to a Campaign

Once you have created your third party Audience, follow these steps to associate it in your Campaign:

  1. Select the Campaign for which you want to add your Audience from the Campaign List (below Offers/Campaigns tab), then access the Custom Targeting settings
  2. Click on Data Audiences and select the Audience you have previously added
  3. Click on Save all button and you are done!