What are rewarded video ads?

Rewarded video ads are unskippable, short video ads (usually 15-30 seconds long) which give users  rewards ( in-app currency, premium content, gifts, game coins, etc) upon video completion.
Rewarded video ads are used primarily in gaming apps but can be perfectly adapted to most genres.
Rewarded video campaigns are considered a high-engagement ad format.
They are very effective at giving advertisers higher visibility levels,without being intrusive or damaging the user experience (the user chooses when to view ads rather than being forced to).

How to run rewarded video ads in Bucksense console?

To start a rewarded video campaign simply upload your video ad to the console and add a Companion Ad. Companion ads are mandatory for all rewarded video campaigns. They are End Cards (banners) which are displayed when the user has completed watching the video, and generally include a call to action (eg. redirect to a landing page, redirect to the store for app download, etc). The companion ad will redirect the user to the Landing Page URL that is set in the offer (see here for details).
You can include your companion in the VAST or, upload it directly to Bucksense.
Click here to see how to add video creatives and companions to your video rewarded campaigns.

Follow these steps to create and run in-video campaigns on Bucksense:

  1. Under the ‘Add Campaign’ Window select an offer for the video campaign, name your campaign and select the offer that it belongs to or create a new offer by selecting the advertiser from the drop down menu and by typing the LP url.
    Next, choose Video as Campaign type and Open Auction as Type of Auction
  2. Enter the campaign information and define its settings. Aside from Budget & Spend Type and Creative, the rest of the settings follow the standard campaign set up. For further details on standard campaign setup, please read the How to Add a Campaign article.2
  3. Under the Creative – Video setting, select Click here to add Video to access all the videos previously created. Select the video creative you want to use in your campaign.4To create a new one video click on Click here to Create New Video (please note that in this way you will be able to create only VAST Tag or XML). Enter the creative file name and the Vast tag URL or VAST XML to upload your video.5
  4. Select the video sizes to display on your ads. If your video creative includes multiple sizes, Bucksense recommends selecting at least two. This will allow you to access more inventory and not limit the campaign reach.
    Enable the ‘Let me choose’ option and select ‘Only Rewarded’ in the Rewarded drop down menu5
  5. In Budget & Spend Type choose Optimized so that our smart algorithm can automatically optimize your campaign towards a CPC, CPVideo Start, CPVideo 1/4, CPVideo half, CPVideo 2/4 or CPVideo Complete Goal.
    You can also set an Impression Cap and/or a Click Cap (Daily or Total):

    • Impression Cap: This is the maximum number of Daily/Total ad impressions that can be served.
      For example, if you set a Daily impression cap of 20,000 then no more than 20,000 impressions can be served per day.
      Minimum value that can be set is 1000.
    • Click Cap: This defines the maximum number of Daily/Total clicks for your campaign.
      For example, if you set a Total click cap of 5000, your campaign will not exceed this number.
      Minimum value that can be set is 100.

    The campaign will be paused as soon as a cap, for Impression and/or Click, have been delivered (if you set a total cap for both: Impressions and Clicks, the campaign will be paused when either one of the two reaches the total limit).

    Please note that if you have set one or more caps (Impression, Click, Budget) at the Offer level, your campaign will be paused as soon as the lowest cap among those set is reached (see more about Offer caps here)

    If you have chosen MANUAL, you will have to optimize your campaign manually and you would not be using our smart algorithm for optimization.
    You need to set up: a CPM App/Site target, your Budget type (Capped or Unlimited), the Total Campaign Budget, a Daily Cap and the Pace (spend as fast as possible or spend evenly throughout the day).

  6. Click on Save all and then Activate to start your campaign