Optimization Rules allow you to create specific exceptions to your bids in order to increase impressions that are performing towards your KPI and to decrease/eliminate those that are not.
Rules can be created to optimize campaigns beyond targeting inventory that work well, identifying placements that perform but at the same time are the best cost effective to reach advertiser’s marketing goals.

How to add Optimization Rules in Bucksense console

Follow these steps to create your Optimization Rules:

  1. Click Offers/Campaigns tab and select Rules
  2. Click on  to add a new Rule
  3. Select from the drop down menu the Advertiser for which you want create rules and enter a Rule Name

  4. Add the rule to a Ruleset (optional).
    Ruleset allows you to easily combine multiple rules to apply to the campaign.
    If you want add the rule you are creating to a new Ruleset, click on Add Ruleset button, enter a Ruleset name and click on Save new ruleset button.
    If you have already created a Ruleset and you want add to it the rule you are creating, just select the Ruleset name from the Choose Ruleset field.
    Each time you create a new rule, you can associate it with the ruleset previously created (or if you want, create a new one).
  5. Set the Time range of data analyzed and the Frequency of executions to set respectively: the time interval in which the data must be analyzed and how often analyze the data.
    Possible options for both settings are: Last hour, Last 3 hours. Last 12 hours, Last 24 hours, Last 2 days, Last 3 days, Last week.
    For example: if you set Last 3 hours as Time range of data analyzed and every hour as Frequency of executions, this means that every hour, Bucksense will check the campaigns data related to the last 3 hours.
  6. You can now set the Condition(s) Analyzed for which you want create rules.
    You first need to select a dimension in the drop down menu, between:
    App Bundle
    – Site
    – Placement
    – Exchange
    – OS
    – Device Make
    – Device Model

    – City

    Then, select a metric to evaluate the dimension you have previously selected.
    Possible options are:
    – Impressions
    – Win Rate
    – Click
    – CTR
    – CPA
    – CVR
    – Spend
    – Viewability Rate Vr
    – Video Start Rate VSR
    – Video Complete Rate VSR
    – Engagement Rate

    Choose a comparison value between Lower Than, Equal or Higher Than.
    Then insert a Value in the appropriate field.You can add more Conditions, with the same dimension, to analyze simultaneously.
    To do this, click on Add Condition button and a new line will appear, showing you the dimension field already selected. You just need to set a metric, a comparison value and the related value.
  7. Once you have added the Condition(s) to be Analyzed, you can set the Action Executed between:
    Blacklist: it will automatically create a list of items which will be excluded to the campaign
    Add to List: allows you to add items to an existing list or create a new one
    Place Microbidding: this option allows you to create a Microbidding rule based on the
    Optimization Rule you have set.
    Please note that for the following dimensions: Exchange, OS, City, Device Model and Device Make, the Action Executed available is Place Microbidding.
  8. Click on Save to create the Optimization Rule


Example 1: you want create an Optimization Rule to excluding (Black listing) all the Placements with a CTR lower than 1% and at the same time a CPA higher than 6$

Example 2:  you want to add to your existing list named ‘apple_bundle’, all App Bundle with a Win Rate higher than 10%

How to add Optimization Rules to your Campaigns

  1. Click on Offers/Campaigns tab, select Campaigns List and click on the Campaign name.
    If you need to create a new campaign, select Add Campaign below Offers/Campaign tab.
    In both cases, the campaign must be associated to the same Advertiser for which you have previously created Optimization Rules
  2. Access the Advanced section then select Optimization Rules
  3. On the left you will see both Rules and Ruleset previously added.
    By clicking on the Rule/Ruleset name you will see the conditions of that Rule/Ruleset
  4. Drag and drop on the right the Rule/Ruleset you want associate to this campaign
  5. Click on Save all to activate