Run manually optimized campaigns for more precise bidding, directly from the Bucksense console. If you have chosen a manual spend type and your campaign has a fixed CPM setting, you can fine tune your bid on individual segments such as: Exchange, Placement ID, OS, Device Maker and Device Model.

Follow these steps to set the Microbidding rules after creating the Campaign:

  1. Select Campaign List on the Offers/Campaigns Tab
  2. Click the icon b in the Actions column of the campaign that you want to apply microbidding rules to (campaign must have a Manual Spend Type).c
  3. A pop-up window will appear, where you can set your own Microbidding rules14

For example: To set a different CPM from the one entered at campaign creation for inventory on Mopub (Exchange), Android (OS), Samsung (Device Make) and Ace3 (Device Model), simply choose these options from the respective drop-down menu, set the desired CPM and click on5to save.
Please note that if you set $0 CPM, you are excluding that rule.

If you want set a different CPM for placement, or, your rule includes a placement, you need to copy and paste it in the appropriate field.
If you already have set some rules and want to add more, you just need to click on the ‘Add Row’ button.
The 16 button allows you to quickly search the microbissing rules you have created.17
Click on6to download an excel file containing your microbidding rules.


Set Microbidding from Reports

You can set your Microbidding rules based on the data from our report (please note that in Reports section you can only set Microbidding rules for Placement).

Follow the steps below to set you Microbidding rules from the report:

  1. Select Real Time Reports from Reports Tab
  2. Choose Placement (below Inventory Insight reports) as key variable to customize your report

  3. Click on dimensioniconand break down your report by Placement Name (you have already selected Campaign Name)3
  4. Click onbutton in the Campaign Name you want set up Microbidding rules (make sure the campaign has a Manual Optimization) to see the Placements details5
  5. Click on rof the Placement for which you want set a different CPM, set the new CPM in the appropriate field and click on y button7