When you make the conversion call to the Bucksense platform, you could receive one of the following errors, labeled with an error code detailing the problem:

2 5 Conversion already performed
2 6 Request is not Server to server (target: aff_lsr.php)
3 2 Offer id impossible to retrieve (target : ts_p.php)
3 3 Click id missing recovery from the cache
3 4 Click id impossible to retrieve (target ts_p.php)
3 10 Problem with the Pixel
3 12 Offer id doesn’t match with Offer id identified with Click id
3 13 Offer Protocol value different from: ‘http’, ‘https’, ‘http_img’, ‘https_image’, ‘https_img’, ‘server’, ‘servers’, ‘server_affiliate’
3 14 Case SDK (ts_m) App info not completed
3 15 Case SDK (ts_m) App not active
5 10 Check whitelabel IP failed