An Ad Exchange is a technology platform that facilitates the exchange of supply (advertisers) and demand (publishers) for the buying and selling of advertising inventory.
The ad exchanges operate in the world of programmatic buying and selling, using real time bids (RTB), similar to how trading platforms are used in stock markets.
The purchase of such inventory is made on an ‘impression per impression’ basis, where every single ad impression entered into the ad exchange platform is evaluated according to demographic information, behaviors and the context associated with it, before being assigned, through a real-time auction (RTB), to the advertiser that has the highest bid.

Bucksense has connections to all the major ad Exchanges (mopub, OpenX, smaato etc).

By default, your campaigns will run on all the Exchanges in order to get a wide and complete range of impressions to meet your targets.
If you are looking for a particular type of inventory (for example native, video etc.), you can choose specific exchanges to run your campaign on. This can be done in the Advanced Targeting section in Bucksense console.