As the the programmatic platform for agile marketers, Bucksense taps into more than 50 of the most important ad exchanges globally in order to make their publishers’ inventory available to our customers. This inventory can be purchased via ad campaigns set in the Bucksense console through Open auctions or Private Market Place (PMP) deals.

You can run several ad formats in your campaigns.

The currently available types of media you can buy on Bucksense are:

  • Display Banner: you can run Standard IAB banner sizes (eg 320×50, 300×250, 728×90) as well as Interstitials (320×480, 480×320)
  • Native Ads: allow you to run dynamic ad units which are integrated and aligned within placements in-apps
  • Video: run in-banner and in-stream video ads by choosing between VAST or direct upload (if you don’t have an ad server)
  • Ad Tags: with Ad Tags you can use your own ad server and determine what creatives to show to what users

A non exhaustive list of the ad exchanges you can reach through Bucksense includes the following:


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  • PP-01
  • 2626
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To have a real-time overview of the available inventory, you can check the Media Planner available in our console. There, you can get useful traffic information by selecting specific data and sorting using multiple parameters such as: Exchange, Placement Type, Supported Formats, Banner Size, etc.

In the example below, we can see the Video impressions available in Italy under Millennial Media:


You will also be able to see the placements available for the inventory you selected:


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