The Bucksense team is always looking for solutions to be implemented, that can improve and simplify the console user experience for our customers.

For this reason, we will soon be updating the console with a new look and new features for the Campaign List interface.
The new List section will be renewed in functionality and graphics and will allow advertisers to get a complete overview about: the status, the settings and the items of a campaign.

The advertiser will be able to view all the useful information on the campaigns, such as: targeting, status, type of inventory, operating system, budget etc, and, make any changes without accessing the single campaign settings.

How does the new Campaign List look?

By accessing the Campaign List section from the Navigation Menu, you will get the list of campaigns created in console, filtered by default for ‘Active status’.

You can change the campaigns status to be displayed, by clicking the Status button, then, after selecting the filter to add, by clicking the Search button.
The available campaign Status are the following: Active, Any, Paused, Deleted, Draft.

You can apply more filters to search for specific campaigns, to do this you need to click inside the Add Filters bar and choose between: Type, Country, Name, Advertiser and Offer.
Based on the filter type you have chosen, you need to select additional items for which to filter the list of campaigns.
Example. If you have added a filter by Type, then you need to select between Creative, Video, AdTag, Native, Creative Panel or Pop Unders.
Filters can also be combined together.

To search for a specific campaign, you just need to enter the campaign ID in the Filter by ID field.

You can choose how to sort the campaigns through the Sort By drop down menu and then clicking on search button. Available options are: ID, Name, Type and Start date.

Bucksense suggests you to use the new Campaign List interface as this provides you with more informations and functionality, however, if you want to continue using the previous version, you can do this by clicking on the Return to old layout link.

The Bulk Actions feature allows you to start, pause and manage settings simultaneously for more campaigns with a single action.
Read more about the Bulk Actions here

Data and functionality available in the new Campaign List interface

The new interface allows you to get an overview around the settings and targeting options in your campaigns:

  • Preferred campaigns
    You can mark campaigns as preferred, to do this, just click on the star at the left in each campaign line.
    Campaigns marked as preferred can be filtered by clicking on the star in the top bar.

  • Campaign Status
    The campaign status is shown with an icon, among the following: Active, Paused and Draft.
    You can change the status by clicking on the related icon.
  • Campaign Targeting
    You can check the Campaign targeting settings such as OS, Country, Exchange etc, by clicking the Targeting link
  • Offer detail
    To see the informations on the offer associated with the campaign, click on Offer detail link

  • Basic Settings Icons
    The basic campaign settings can be quickly displayed, through the graphic icons located in the central part of each line.
    The labels are displayed by moving the cursor over the icons.

  • Manual Optimization settings
    If the campaign has a Manual Optimization spend mode, you can quickly edit the following settings: CPM (Site/App), Budget, Daily cap.
    To do this, click on the related item you want to change.
    The funds spent and those remaining are graphically illustrated by the budget bar.
  • Optimized settings
    If the campaign spend mode is Optimized, you can edit: the Optimization goal, the Budget and the Daily Cap
  •  Edit a campaign
    To access and edit campaign settings, click the icon on the right of each campaign line
  • Clone a campaign
    Click on to clone a campaign, and a pop-up window contains the settings to be cloned will be displayed
  • Log (available soon)
    Click on to access the campaign logs (this feature will be available soon)
  • Campaign reports
    Click on to see a graph about the Trend and the Opportunities in the campaign.