Programmatic fraud and malicious behaviour has increased significantly in recent years.
Because of this, Bucksense is dedicated towards providing high quality standards for our customers, taking care of publisher spaces and ensuring user safety.

We closely monitor all our clients steps, from account creation, to creative approval to the launch and execution of campaigns.
We also carefully vet our partners by running multiple tests before integration.

Bucksense takes the following steps to fight malicious players and ensure ad compliance:

  • Customer Qualification

    First of all, we like to know our customers, their products and their goals so that we can help them to achieve their objectives better.
    We also want to ensure that there is no inappropriate behavior in what they do or plan to do.
    For this reason, every new account created in our console is assigned an Account Manager who schedules an interview (even if the client is just interested in the self serve use of the platform).
    This enables the account manager to learn more about the advertiser and evaluate their products and the ways in which they intend promote them (creatives, destination urls etc).
    If the account manager identifies a potentially malicious advertiser, this will be immediately blocked and the account will be deleted.

    Once the advertiser is considered ‘safe’, he can start to use the console.

  • Reviewing Creatives and Scanning Campaigns


    The Bucksense ad quality team checks all creatives and campaigns in line with our technology partner; The Media Trust.
    All items (banner, ad tags, destination urls etc) that an advertiser has set up in the console are continuously scanned and verified.

    Creative review

    For campaigns using standard creatives and native ads,
    our verification team ensures that all creatives meet the ad-quality standard.
    They run Live Tests using real devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs) to reproduce the end user’s experience.
    Each creative needs to be approved before being used in a campaign.
    The Media Trust (TMT) evaluates and then approves or rejects all ad tags and video vasts before campaign launch. They continue to monitor and scan the ad tags and video vasts for the campaign duration, to make sure everything remains compliant.
    This is to ensure that all the creatives uploaded in the console meet both the requirements of our supply partners, and the guidelines of the ad exchanges that we partner with.

    To make the work easier for our customers, we have created a set of Advertising Guidelines that list the different policies of our ad exchanges and can be used as a reference before creating any type of ad.

    Scanning Campaigns

    Once a campaign has been approved by our ad quality team, it can begin running traffic. Each campaign gets continuously scanned and analyzed through an automated process that checks it before, during and after the launch.
    If The Media Trust detects a potential breach, it will alert Bucksense and that campaign will be automatically blocked!

  • Alert evaluations and related actions


    Every time there is an alert, the potentially malicious campaign is automatically stopped so that Bucksense can perform the appropriate assessments.
    Our ad fraud team will discuss the breech with the related advertiser.
    If the violation is assessed as severe (potentially fraudulent or malicious), or, if the scan detects a non compliant activity, the account is suspended and all related campaigns are blocked.
    If a breach is suspected, but there is no evidence of compliant activities, we apply a ‘2 strike policy’ for that advertiser.
    If the violation occurs again we block the account.