The Bucksense Optimization Algorithm is designed to evaluate and analyze the performance of multiple variables in order to reach the performance goals defined for the campaign.

From the time the campaign goes live, the Bucksense algorithm is collecting and measuring data which then is used to make decisions and predictions as to which variables to exclude (for poor performance) and optimize bidding towards variables that do work or have a significant potential for improving performance.

Optimization reports provide detailed information on what decisions  the Bucksense algorithm is making.

There are two ways to access to Optimization Reports: by choosing Optimization type from Real Time Reports or by hitting Optimization Report button optimizationreportsbuttonon Campaign List below Offers/Campaigns Tab.



To run Optimization Reports from Real Time Reports section follow these steps.

1. Click  Reports Tab and select from the dropdown list Real Time Reports.

2. Choose Optimization as type of report and select a campaign for which you want to run an Optimization Report.

3. Click  Select Date to define a time interval, granularity and time zone you want to view the data and hit Apply Button. If you want to change the campaign to display data click Filters and select a new campaign.


Optimization data for the campaign will be displayed in a table and represented on a chart.


The chart will show the optimization process evolution throughout the time interval selected for each Optimization Status in absolute numbers and/or  percentages.



Statuses give you an insight as to how the Bucksense algorithm is progressing in the optimization of the campaign.

  • Excluded – Number of Optimization Combinations that have been excluded permanently for the campaign because they don’t contribute positively to your campaign’s performance.
  • ExcludedCampaign Not Performing – All Optimization Combinations that have been excluded temporarily due to the campaign not performing as a whole, but  could be included later.
  • Learning – Optimization Combinations that are still being tested. This means there’s not enough data collected yet to determine their status.
  • Converting and Optimized – Optimization Combinations that have proven to be successful and are contributing positively towards the performance of the campaign.
  • Converting and Learning – Optimization Combinations that have generated performance data, but not enough yet to determine whether or not they are contributing positively towards the performance of the campaign.
  • Converting, but not Performing Recently – Optimization Combinations that have recently seen a decline in conversion.
  • Bid Floor not met due to Max – Optimization Combinations that didn’t meet the publisher’s minimum CPM bid.
  • Not Receiving Bids Recently – Optimization Combinations that have recently stopped receiving bid requests from our supply partners. The algorithm will keep monitoring this traffic and continue to bid.


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