The Bucksense team is always working hard to improve and simplify the user experience of the console for our customers.
For this reason, we will soon be updating the console with a new Navigation Menu. The new menu will allow advertisers to effectively navigate the console sections, easily and intuitively switching between functionalities, from uploading creatives to creating campaigns, to consulting reports.

How does the new Menu look?

There are 6 tabs, one more than before, but ordered in line with the steps necessary to run successful campaigns: add creatives, launch campaigns, create audiences and check reports.


The Creatives Tab allows you to create, upload and edit all your campaign media that you have added to the Bucksense console: Banner, Native, Video, Ad Tags and Responsive Ads.


Under the Offers/Campaigns Tab you can access the Offer Lists and Campaign Lists that you have previously created. You can check the list status, type, features and make all the actions you need (for example activate, clone or remove campaigns). If you need to create a new one, you can do it by simply clicking on Add Offer or Add Campaign.


A successful programmatic campaign needs audiences, not just impressions!
For this reason we have added a specific tab named Data.
Under this tab you can access your First party audiences to create a new audience, based on your users browsing behaviour. The Third party audiences section enables you to create a new audience, using the global third-party data and audience segments of our partner, Lotame.
Black/White List is the section dedicated to the creation and management of the specific lists to target/block from your campaign (device, ip, site url etc).


The Reports Tab contains all the sections related to the console reports, crucial for monitoring the performance of your campaigns, audiences and creatives:

  • Real Time Reports: give you real-time data on your campaign parameters, providing detailed spending reports with all the KPI to see how each campaign is performing.
  • Scheduled Reports: access the list of all the reports you have scheduled to be automatically generated.
  • Data Audiences Report: provides you with all the data related to the audiences you are using in your campaigns.
  • Responsive Ads Insights: allows you to see the trends of your responsive ads.


By clicking the Prospecting Tab you can access the Bucksense Media Planner.
It was previously under the Reports Tab, but we decided to dedicate a specific tab to it, since it gives an overview on the distribution of impressions worldwide. The Media Planner allows you to view potential impressions and traffic data that you can use to optimize your campaigns and reach your targets.


The Admin Tab contains all the sections related to the management of your console account by you and the members of your company. Here you can Add Funds and check the Billing History, review the Account Settings, manage the advertisers (Advertiser Management) or the Users of your company. The Activity Log gives you a detailed history of everything that’s done on your account. In the News History section you can see all the latest news from the Bucksense console.