Both Publishers and Advertisers need to measure clicks and conversions on their side to verify and optimize offer results. Conversion Pixel is the most widely used method used not only by Advertisers, but also by Publishers who want to track the performance of the traffic they drive to the advertiser’s offer.

Bucksense supports Publisher Global and Offer-based pixels in three types: iFrame, image Pixel and Postback Tracking. When more than one pixel type is supported, we recommend server-to-server instead of  iFrame and Image Pixels due to its higher accuracy and reliability.

By the same token, Global Pixel when supported is the recommended option in place of Offer-based Pixel. Global Pixel allows tracking any offer within Bucksense, not needing to have a separate conversion tracking implementation for each one. How Tracking Works article provides more information on Tracking Pixels.

Publisher Global Pixel

To add the Publisher Global Pixel on Bucksense, go to Offer List below Offers/Campaigns tab and select an Offer from the list.
If any offer has been created yet, you can add a new one by clicking Add Offer below Offers/Campaigns tab.

Then access the Advanced Tracking settings and select Outbound Conversion Notification


Once there follow these steps:

1. Hit Add Pixel Button Howtoaddapublisher2 and name the pixel to identify it more easily later on.

2. Check All Offers and select the Publisher for this pixel from the dropdown list. If the Publisher that the pixel belongs to has not been created yet, you can add it on Publisher Management.

3. Select the Pixel type: iFrame, image Pixel or Postback Tracking.

Publisherpixel24. Enter the Pixel URL and replace with the Bucksense Macro the parameter indicated by the Publisher in this pixel code to pass click and conversion information. Contact your account manager for further details on our tracking parameters.

Publisher Offer-based Pixel

Bucksense allows you to set up offer-based pixels in two ways: by adding them on Outbound Conversion Notification or in Offer Settings. Steps to integrate Offer-based pixel on Outbound Conversion Notification are the same than those described before, but instead of checking All Offer, select from the dropdown list the offer for this pixel.

To add this type of Pixel from Offer Settings follow the steps below:

1. Search for the Offer on Offer List from Offers & Apps Tab, and then go to Outbound Conversion Notification Section below Additional URLS.


1. Click To add more pixels to your Offer.

2. Select Status Active and name your Pixel.

3. Choose the Publisher associated to this pixel.

4. Select your Pixel Type (iFrame, image Pixel or Postback Tracking) and enter the Pixel code. As explained above the parameter indicated by the Publisher must be replaced with Bucksense Macro {click_token}.
For offers run by multiples publishers that need a specific pixel for each of them, hit Create New Pixel button to add more.


If the pixel for this offer is already live in another offer, hit Add pixel from an existing offer button and select the offer from where you want to add the pixel. This option makes much easier tracking implementation when the same pixel can be applied to multiple offers.


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