Optimization process is complex and involves multiple factors such as Advertiser’s campaign objectives and budget limitations. Bucksense algorithm can be easily customized to optimize campaigns beyond targeting inventory that work well, identifying placements that perform but at the same time are the best cost effective to reach advertiser’s marketing goals.

In Optimization Strategies in Campaign Advanced Settings you will be able to set bidding rules and choose the optimization strategy that best matches your needs: maximize campaign reach or speed up the achievement of CPx goals.


Bidding Rules

Maximum Bid CPM is not a default option and must be enabled by your account manager. This capability let you to fix a bidding spend limit for your campaigns. This means that bids that surpass the limit you have set are restricted, for example: $ 1.5 CPM. The minimum amount that you can set as Maximum Bid CPM is $ 0.05 per placement. Bucksense does not recommend this option for first time campaigns because it limits the reach and targeting the best publishers usually requires higher bids.

Aggressiveness increments let advertisers to set CPM bidding adjustments in percentage terms (e.g.,  an increase of +15%) from a starting Conversion Goal (CPA, CPC, CPI). For example, if you set a CPA Goal $1 and an adjustment of +15%, Bucksense algorithm optimizes bidding to buy impressions on CPM basis to reach a $ 1.15 CPA only for those cases where the increase will help the overall performance of the campaign. This capability provides more flexibility to adjust bidding and helps to increase campaign volume once you have achieved your CPA goal. Bucksense recommends set aggressiveness increments for campaigns that have been successfully running for a while to boost all their potential.


Optimization Strategies

Bucksense allows you to choose from 4 strategies to optimize your campaigns: Max Speed, Speed, Reach and Max Reach. They have been designed to meet every marketer’s campaign needs, from those that need to hit sooner their target cost per user, to the ones that are more flexible on CPX if this means get more conversions.

Max Speed. Reaches a stable CPx early in the lifetime of the campaign and narrows reach. The algorithm parameters are more restrictive and thus optimizes sooner.

Speed. Extended reach – compared to Max Speed – but speed is still a priority.

Reach. Increased speed – compared to Max Reach – but reach still a priority.

Max Reach. Reaches a stable CPx later in the lifetime of the campaign and maximizes reach.  Algorithm parameters are less restrictive and thus gets a wider reach.


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