App details can be set up on Bucksense by accessing the App Management tab. This option lets you access to additional App settings, including creating custom in-App events and enabling Bucksense SDK to use our system track user’s interaction within the Advertiser’s App.

To enter App details via App Management section, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Offers & Campaigns tab and from the dropdown menu select Offers List

  2. Hit Add Offer Button  and enter the Advertiser the App belongs to
  3. Select the OS, enter the Package Name or the Bundle ID (e.g., com.example.appb) and add a brief description (optional)
  4. Enable Bucksense SDK if you want to use our system to track postclick interactions: conversions and other type of in-App events

Once enabled, in Conversion Tracking section on App Offer you will be able to set main conversion event and generate the Conversion tracking details to insert in our SDK to notify Bucksense when conversions and other in-App events occurs.

Additional App Settings

Offers, Events and Audience sections will be available on App settings page once App details have been saved.


In this section you can view and access to all offers associated with this App.


All App Global events that Bucksense tracks are listed in this section. From here you will also able to create and edit custom events to track additional in-app users’ interaction that can be used to set up Audiences.


Audience groups dynamically users based on their in-app behavior and can be used to run retargeting campaigns on Bucksense. Audience section allows you to create and remove events set up for the Audiences associated to the App.